Library of Virginia Board May Ban Digital Cameras

I received this information from Khadijah Matin, President of AAHGS, as well as Leona Martin, President of AAHGS-NE.  Your help is needed to ensure researchers are able to continue to use digital cameras to make copies of documents at the library.  The next board meeting is June 16th so time is of the essence. Emailed letters of support can be sent to:

Bill Shelton wrote:
Hi Folks,
I was alerted on Wednesday, (by Shirley Wilcox, President of the 
Virginia Genealogical Society), of a potential crisis which we as 
genealogists are about to experience at the Library of Virginia - unless 
we do something immediately.  The issue is that the Library of Virginia 
staff is concerned about the use of digital cameras.  The stated 
specific concern is that some of the resulting images find their way to 
the internet and are not representative of the quality desired by the 
Library of Virginia; even if credit is given to the Library of Virginia. 
However, the real concern might be associated with the lost of revenue.
Please send your concerns to the Library. Maybe we can change their 
minds.  The next Library of Virginia Board meeting will be June 16th. 
At that time, Peter Broadbent, the past president of VGS will distribute 
copies of the VGS letter to those in attendance.  Please address your 
letters to:
Ms. Sandra G. Treadway
Librarian of Virginia
The Library of Virginia
800 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA  23219-1905
Folks, we all know the important of documents archived in the Library of 
Virginia. Therefore, this is something that really should concern us. 
Also, as you all are aware, we can do so much with our digital cameras 
while on research trips.  It would be a shame to loose this capability. 
It should be noted that the Library of Congress and the National 
Archives allow the use of digital cameras and in some cases, even 
Well, I hope you will take the time to send a letter. Sorry, I’m just 
getting this to you.  Because of the storm, we had no electricity for 
the past couple of days.
Bill Shelton

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