Author Tony Burroughs Comments on Michele Obama’s Genealogy

Tony Burroughs has written a commentary on the story of Michelle Obama’s genealogy which has seen quite a lot of press lately.

You can find the article here:


Obama to Use Lincoln Bible at Inauguration

The Library of Congress is featuring digitized copies of the bible on which  Abraham Lincoln took his oath of office in 1861.  From the LOC website:

“The Library of Congress often provides Bibles from its vast collections for the use of Members of Congress during their swearing-in ceremonies. But it is not every day that a president-elect makes the same request for his inauguration. It is rarer still when that Bible is the same one upon which Abraham Lincoln first took the oath of office in 1861. (In fact, as far as we can tell, that Bible has not been used by a president since Honest Abe himself.)

But that’s exactly what Barack Obama is doing, in keeping with the very Lincolnesque theme of his inauguration.

The historic meeting between past and present, symbolized by a single book, has caught the public’s attention. (A quick search in Google News reveals at least 600 articles.)

Because there are few high-resolution images of the Lincoln Inaugural Bible available on our Web site, I wanted to provide several of them here.

The Lincoln Bible, by the way, will be among the items on display in “With Malice Toward None,” our exhibit opening Feb. 12 that honors the 200th birthday of our 16th president.”

Here is the link to the images: